Gluten Free Nutty-Fibre Raisin Cookies (Veg)

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• Raisin cookies that don’t compromise on taste.
• Made from the finest raisins
• Rich in taste and light on the stomach
• These cookies have a benefit quotient being protein rich

5 Months

A cookie lover cannot look past these delicious yet healthy gluten-free cookies that make a tasty nutty crunch for those mid-meal hunger pangs.  

Suitable for: For All especially for persons with Gluten sensitivity.

Ingredients: Peanut, Raisins, Curd, Psyllium husk, Baking soda, Stevia, Sugar

Two to three at a time is recommended

Best Had: Tea and coffee make great companions to these fiber rich, gluten free cookies. These can also make a rich breakfast cereal meal, when broken into milk or yoghurt.
It can also make for a gluten free healthy biscuit base for a mouthwatering cheese cake.

Allergens: Not ideal for people with peanut allergy and fibre diet restrictions.