Lemon Biscotti (Sugarfree)

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• A unique lemon flavoured specialty        

• Sugarfree that easily becoomes a snack option for everybody

• Especially for people with special needs

Shelf Life: 7 months

A Crisp biscotti with poppy seeds and fresh lemon rind that is sugar free and a great anytime munch.

Suitable for: For everyone, especailly diabetics and weight watchers

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Egg, Milk, Butter, Edible Vegetable Oil, Raisins, Poppy seeds, Stevia, Baking Powder & Baking Soda. 

Serving Size: Two to three at a time is recommended.

Best had: Can be had as it is with tea/coffee

Allergens: The product is Soy free, Corn free, Yeast free, nut free .  Not suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivity and egg allergy