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Founded by a clinical nutritionist, Whole Foods is a responsible company providing healthy eating options to suit modern lifestyles. When you eat Whole Foods, you are eating wholegrain, transfat free, enriched with scientifically proven, health promoting ingredients and devoid of any artificial colours or toxic additives.

We genuinely believe that health foods and eating habits are determined by choice, not compulsion. We believe that taste need not be sacrificed to make way for health. Hence we make an extra effort to ensure that our food offerings are presentable and tasty. 

Whole Foods produces food that is minimally processed, nutrient dense and free of toxic trans-fats, preservatives and artificial colours. We aim to make our food easily available, convenient to use and affordable. It only helps that our food is tasty as well. All foods offered at WF are enriched with scientifically proven and health promoting ingredients for good health and disease prevention. Our Bakery and Baked Products are made without Trans fat, using Rice Bran Oil and Butter. Only Whole Wheat / Multi grain is used for Sandwiches, Burgers, Wraps, Pizzas, Crackers, Kulchas. Multi grain Wraps use lower Glycaemic flours and freshly made tofus.

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